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January 13, 2013
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Kroth Willo'wis - - Ref by DYSPH0R1A Kroth Willo'wis - - Ref by DYSPH0R1A
Yeah, finally came around to finishing his ref, had it left as a wip for about a week now ^^;

Given name ; ; Kroth [crr-o-th]
Surname ; ; Willo'wis [will-o-wis]
Nickname [s] ; ; Kroth, Cross, Kro
Gender ; ; For the most part Genderless, but is called a male of sorts and is described with male pronouns.
Personality ; ;
- Quiet -
Kroth, never really talks. He will only speak when it is most neccesary - when there is no other choice. This, is not because he has to stay silent - no one forces him to do anything - it is simply a choice he has made so that he is less noticably living. Well, if living is what you'd even call him that is, as he never was really alive.
- Patient -
As a statue, Kroth has over time learned to be still, he openly let's the world change around him, and will sit waiting for something no matter how long, even if he is waiting for something he knows won't come.
- Stubborn -
Stubborn is what one would call it I suppose, but it is more simply, once he has set his mind to something - it stays like that more any amount of time. But, unlike one would say about someone who was stubborn, Kroth sees reason, and understands it - even changing his thoughts to fit to that idea.
- Wise -
He thinks before saying, thinking before judging. Thinking before anything really. Sometimes he will think for a long amount of time, but the words that leave his mouth, or the actions that emit from his muscles - will always be something no one would have thought of before he made them know of it. He gives away knowledge, as he has that knowledge to give.
- Slugish -
Kroth, is very much slugish. Not that he's all that slow or anything - he can move quite faster than the human eye can pick up - but, it takes alot to wake him from his slumber. Even more to get him up and about after that.

Details ; ;
- Tail -
Kroth's tail doesn't have any spinal structure or nerves within it, nor in fact does it have any flesh - even when he is in human form or living form. The tail itself is very much like a cloud, one can walk through it, and it moves around on it's own free will, but because of the fact that there is more "water" of sorts near the base of his tail, it is more closer to the tip does it float around.
- Eyes -
His eyes, are infact only black, but, are not without the actual eyeball. It is much like his whole eye is a pupil, no iris or white be seen of it but Kroth can still see things as he wants to. Simply, because he is a statue, small details like a pupil were not added to his eyeballs.
- Rank -
Kroth is actually a high leveled Spirit, but because of his lack of activity in the world, most don't know of his existance or his power.

FFF, sorry for long description, I kinda got my writing muse back so I made it alot longer than I thought I would v-v <3
I may or may not post his back story in another drawing, I might make a drawing more relevant to it all before writing it up - seeing as I have alot of thought about it.
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DYSPH0R1A Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Brainless but smart.
My ideas are so creative.
Yoruni Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Yes, Your ideas are very creative
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